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My love for real estate started in the early 90's from watching the shows This Old House and Home Again. Bob Vila and Steve Thomas were like TV mentors that developed my appreciation for real estate and how a house was really just a canvas for a person's imagination. That appreciation inspired my career pursuits before and after graduating from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with my B.S. in Finance. I've strategically worked in many roles in the real estate industry since graduating in 2006 - construction supervisor, new home sales counselor, purchasing administrator, marketing administrator, staff accountant, land acquisition analyst, realtor, land acquisition manager, investor, and consultant. I believe professional mastery comes from accepting the fact that you're always a student of your trade; the day you stop yearning for learning is the day you become irrelevant and are no longer working in the best interest of the people you serve. In my pursuit of real estate mastery, I'm honored to join Keystone Funding as a Loan Officer with multi-dimensional experience that can rise to the highest expectations.

My measure of success is whether someone smiles when they tell others about how well I served their real estate needs. If I meet your expectations to get your loan through closing, you might smile but you may not; I've only done what you hired me to do. If I exceed your expectations by truly attending to your needs and concerns beyond just getting the loan closed, I am certain you will smile. Knowing that every time you think of my service to you puts a smile on your face, thereby releasing neuropeptides in your body and that I ultimately had a positive impact on both your health and your financial wellbeing, well that reinforces my belief of what I was called to do in life; to work for you.