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Why Keystone Funding?

Because the majority of our business is referrals and repeat clients. Our clients have told us the reason they keep coming back to us, and referring their friends and family, is because of our commitment to what matters most in a loan transaction: transparency, service, and trust.

TRANSPARENCY begins by fully disclosing all possible fees, incentives, and commissions. Our clients are never left with that uncomfortable "I wonder how much he's making on me" feeling because we tell you how much we're making. And there will never be any hidden fees, ever. In fact, should there even be an unexpected third-party fee, we will typically pay it for you.

SERVICE means always being available to you, and having a single person manage your file from start to finish. We do not play the "daisy chain game" where one person takes your application, another person reviews your application, then another person processes your application, etc. With Keystone Funding the person you start with is the person you finish with. And every one of our mortgage consultants has at least 10-yrs experience in the business, so they have the knowledge and experience to answer your hard questions.

TRUST must be earned, and begins by serving you as a Mortgage Consultant on your financial options, not a Loan Officer trying to sell you a mortgage product. If you're considering different financing scenarios, we'll advise you based on your requirements and objectives, not ours. If you're thinking about refinancing and we don't see a cost-benefit, we'll tell you. And if we think there's a solution to your situation you may not have considered, we'll suggest it. Keystone Funding holds several accolades which confirm our position as a trusted mortgage consultant. We are an A+ rated business with the Better Business Bureau, and maintain a 5-star rating from an independent rating service. We are also the in-house lender for Pennsylvania Real Estate Agency Better Homes Realty.

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