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Get Prequalified

Step 1:
  See if you can Get Prequalified

The first step is getting to know the details.  How much money do I need? What will my estimated monthly mortgage payments be?

Gather Your Informaiton

Step 2:
  Gather Your Information

Purchasing a home is a financial commitment, so we will need to gather last year W2, a current paystub, and any asset accounts such as bank statements, retirement accounts, or stocks/bonds (Not obligated to provide verfication documents prior receiving a Loan Estimate with intent to proceed)

Keystone Preapproval

Step 3:
 Start Shopping with Your Keystone Prequalification Letter

Now that you have your Keystone Prequalification it is now time to get serious and start housing hunting for the home of your needs.


Your Purchase Agreement

Step 4:
 Negotiating Your Purchase Agreement

Once you have found your home, it is time to negotiate the terms of your purchase agreement.  Remember, the details matter so it is important to understand your contractual obligations.

FormalLoan Application

Step 5:
 Formal Loan Application

You are now Under Contract! That means, you have to fulfill the terms and conditions of your agreement, which includes making a formal loan application, locking in your interest rate, ordering appraisal & title work, and much more.

Day of Settlement

Step 6:
 Day of Settlement

If you are approved for the loan, you will receive the keys to your new home after signing a few more documents.

*General steps outlined above, results may vary.